Precise settings in one click

Never before was easier and reliable the TECNOPOL products range application.

The new TC2049 comes with preconfigured application parameters for the entire TECNOPOL membranes and foams range.

The new TC2049 hydraulically driven proportioning unit has been designed and manufactured to fulfill the most demanding requirements of foam and coatings in place applications of two component systems requiring high dosing precision to assure the best mixing quality of the chemical components. Its open design allows easy access to all its components simplifying the control functions and significantly reduces maintenance time.

  • Pre-configured

    Pre-configured parameters for the Tecnopol range

  • Work log

    Store all parameters of production process throught a USB device

  • Phone APP

    Manage everything from your smartphone

  • Opposed pistons

    Double acting opposed piston metering pumps

  • Max. pressure

    Up to 3.500 psi

  • Max. power

    12.000 W of Power


The new TC2049 hydraulically driven proportioning unit has been designed and manufactured to fulfil the most demanding requirements of industrial roam in place applications or two component systems requiring high dosing precision to assure the best mixing quality or the chemical components. Its particular configuration facilitates easy access to all its components, simplifies the control functions and significantly reduces maintenance time.


The hose heating system is designed with 3000W isolation transformer that allows the heating of up to 93m (optional 150m). The system incorporates an innovative concept of heated hose in which the copper resistance element is homogenously spread around the hose. This allows accurate and uniform control of the application temperature of the products and avoids the heat concentrations that are produced in traditionally manufactured hoses.


A double acting hydraulic cylinder drives two directly opposed chemical proportioning pumps. This new reinforced design eliminates asymmetrical loads and assures prolonged life of the pump packing seals as well as assures a constant stabilized pressure in order to achieve perfect mixing of the chemical components. Several pump sizes are available to obtain different volumetric ratios.


The new Touchscreen Display integrates an intelligent PLC software system that gives to the user full con­trol and information before. During and alter the application The new software allows the end user to configure the application parameters of each system that will be automatically regulated by the machine. So that the operator does not have to worry about the correct temperatures and pressures specified for each and every system used. A sophisticated alarm system warns the operator of any error in the process to ensure the right application of the system. As an additional feature, a phase connection alarm is incorporated into the design to avoid costly repairs from errors when plugging the machine into the electrical supply.
This revolutionary new system can be connected and controlled trough an external computer, tablet or smartphone. The machine display will be reproduced in the selected device for a remote control of the unit, avoiding the need to have an operator in front of the machine at any moment to monitor or to make any changes.


The primary heating system consists of two separate independent tube heaters. Each heater incorporates four 1500W heating elements that supply a total power of 6000W with the necessary control and safety features for the accurate and reliable system performance. The special design of the heaters allows for a T of 50ºC reaching application temperatures of 90ºC under normal environmental temperature conditions.


Max. Output ratio 1:1 @ 160 Bar (2333 psi)
12 Kg/min (27 lb/min)
Max. Output ratio 1:1 @ 240 Bar (3500 psi)
8 Kg/min (18 lb/min)

Motor Power: 4 Kw Heating Power: (2 x 6 Kw) 12 kW
Hose Transformer Power: 3 Kw Total Power: 19 kW

Electrical consumption: 38 A @ 3 x 400 V / 66 A @ 3 x 230 V
Maximum hose length: 93 m/310 ft

Recommended compressor: 3 HP

Weight (hydraulic tank empty): 235 Kg
Weight (hydraulic tank full): 300 Kg

H: 1200 mm/47 in W: 945 mm/37 in L: 745 mm/29 in


It is an electronic system for data acquisition.
During the working sessions of the proportioning unit, all measuring values and parameters like temperatures, pressures, working time, alarms, ratio and product consumption will be captured and stored through a USB device (Pen Drive). Through the TC Logger software. captured data can be visualized, analyzed, printed and represented graphically into any personal computer



Specially designed for use with the TC2049 unit

The New PROMIX I Air purge gun has been developed for customers who require an alternative concept
design to our other air purge guns maintaining the Tecnopol concept of easy handling and maintenance.


Maximum working pressure: 246 Kgf/cm2 (24 MPa) / 3500 psi
Air pressure required: 6-8 Kgf/cm2 (0.6-0.8 MPa) / 85-114 psi
Maximum production ratio 1:1: 18 Kg/min / 40 lb/min
Minimum production ratio 1:1: 1.5 Kg/min / 3.3 lb/min


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