We want your projects to succeed and so we offer all of our clients a series of services destined to improve the final outcome in every application.


We carry out the technical requirements in both the project phase and the execution phase. We analyze the doubts that could arise, propose solutions to establish the best option of waterproofing that could satisfy all parts of the project. All this accompanied by design elements in CAD format that you can include in the technical plans of the project, as well as schemes of possible application systems.


We put our products under multiple tests before they go on the market as well as during their useful life. This way, we can modify the formulation so that characteristics can adapt  better to the needs. Always respecting the parameters that guarantee the maximum quality and stability of the final product.


We like being in close contact with our clients, for this motive and if you require it, we will advise you at all times during the process of the application, solving any doubts that could arise during application. Our work only ends when yours ends.


Parallel to the execution of the job, we prepare technical reports prior to and during the project so that they could be helpful for proper execution of the application as well as for processing paperwork in the phases of reception of materials, execution of work and quality control. This allows us to do our own internal quality control of the application of our waterproofing and thermal insulation products.